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Expand Consciousness with Samson and Moses 28th Dec 2021

Today JC and I had a chat about my next step in creating an online platform to share the information that I have been given and also to offer a path of awakening, transformation and ascension for those that need a guide, help with healing and activating their higher consciousness to hear the Word within.

Yeshua spoke of strengthening those that are weak, specifically about many who have been betrayed in relationships and how this leads to a belief that the strength and power has been removed. I had been feeling that betrayal and reticence acutely again yesterday. JC told me to read about Samson in the Bible who appeared to lose his strength when his hair was cut.

The story goes that Samson's mother informed him that he was blessed by God but an angel had told her that there were certain conditions that he had to follow to stay connected. Samson decided to use his tremendous strength and power in ways that were damaging but he believed were God's wishes because his mother had told him that he would defeat many men, his actions proved his strength but were not at all kind or loving! Samson was then tempted by Delilah, a Philistine who betrayed him. He held onto the belief that his source of strength was in the length of his hair and that when it was cut, he would lose his strength, therefore this is what played out for him, he was taken, he lost his spiritual insight and was brought down to 'work the grindstone'.

JC comes back to the truth that 'everything is belief' and the truth is within our relationship with the Word within us. If we carry strong beliefs about God being vengeful and full of wrath and orders us to kill people then we can believe that we are justified in killing and still be connected to God. The God of the Old Testament was based on that level of consciousness, where people feared retribution according to the laws and ways of the Father of wrath and judgement. This is why many people have performed terrible atrocities in the past when believing that they are acting out the will of God. This 'rod approach' is however still required for those of lower consciousness who do not act in ways of goodness and love for all, hence the prophesy of 'final judgement' still stands.

Those people who come under the law and start seeking God, at first carry a lot of fear due to not understanding the immortality, protection and ability to manifest that comes with Christ's anointing. Therefore, if a God-fearing person believed that they had done something 'wrong' according to the law, they would feel 'cut off' from their connection with God and would no longer be able to hear the voice of God within and no longer have access to their supernatural powers. This will only manifest because of their belief.

I was shown that EVERYTHING IS BELIEF. Yeshua came to break that idea of God being full of fury and instead showed us the truth, that God is LOVE. He told us that we would find that truth if we understand that being AT ONE with the Father Most High, the I AM presence is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. Yeshua embodied the Christ Consciousness and was fully aligned with his soul mission. (My Father and I are One).

This is why Christ consciousness is now descending on people via the Holy Spirit, so that people can experience the truthful feeling and connection with universal love consciousness and awaken to their soul mission at this time. We can now experience the rapturous feeling of the true I AM presence, the universal light consciousness of love, the primordial Aum, the feeling of Brahma.

In the past I have been shown that A ‘Brahmic (Abrahamic) religion was brought about because teachers wanted to bring rule to 'heathen people' who did not understand the Oneness of enlightened consciousness, the true I AM presence, under order or control. Only meditators, old souls, sages, mystics and Christed teachers who embodied the Christ mind were able to experience this wisdom and intelligence of higher consciousness and therefore, laws were set down so that humans who were acting chaotically according to their human minds/egos were brought under the strict law of Moses with the intention of bringing 'order out of chaos'. This is the law of punishment that still stands today for those who are not Sovereign in Christ and who do not have the Holy Spirit working in them. They are unaware that the harsh system of slavery for the people in the western world is represented by the one eye and pyramid on the dollar bill. There is a Masonic plan in place which is unfolding now to reveal the truth of this disordered and Godless world so that humans across the world learn of the darkness that we have been living under and the lies and distortions of poverty, slavery, torture and war that we have all accepted as normal in this time of REVELATION.

We are also learning of the codes that were left in scripture but also from the codes within our own scripts on our DNA through the awakening process.

This was why Christ Yeshua came 2000 years ago to warn us about these times and show us how to wake up to the TRUTH within us and heal through becoming ONE with the I AM presence through his esoteric teachings. He taught us how he brings a baptism of fire and then holy water so that we can merge all aspects of our dormant and lost soul fragments and resurrect our light body (garment of light). Our mission is to act as a conduit of light to help others, whether that is in poor and war-torn areas, or with those who are abused and worn down by life. Yeshua helps all people who seek reach the Father consciousness by leaving his Holy Spirit comforter for us to pass on to others. The presence of the Holy (Pure) Spirit within us, helps people purify and reach that state of Oneness with the true Christ Light, not just their higher self or egoic mind based on conscious and subconscious beliefs.

Essentially Yeshua wants us to know that when we have a relationship with the Source, the Most High, the Light, through Christ, our power does not lie outside of ourself with an all-powerful angry God that has the power to strip away things from us, but within that relationship we have with the Christed Light within us, that heals all darkness within our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. This essentially is based upon how clear our vibration and frequency are through the level of forgiveness, compassion and understanding we hold. This affects the beliefs we hold about how worthy and strong we are in the eyes of the light of love and goodness.

This is why meditating on the highest light and staying AT ONE with the Light is so important. Literally we can start each day with a fresh, clean slate and stay in the peace of Oneness which enables us to function at the best state that we can experience. JC explains that what we think, say, feel and do creates our world. We will receive what we put out, so if we are putting out a frequency of loss or lack because of a perceived betrayal or disappointment, we will experience that in our world.

These beliefs are carried in the subconscious and we are not always aware of them. There are many distortions that can be supernaturally rectified through spending time 'looking up' and marinading in the presence of the Christ Light. A way to describe this using the language of this New Golden age of the New Earth 5D+ simulation that we are experiencing would be; soaking the plasma light into our cells to receive the light codes and restore and upgrade our DNA.

Samson was able to redeem himself and recover his strength in the end and the story, by pushing apart two pillars of a temple crashing down and killing his enemies. This is also allegorical. It is when we expand our consciousness, the place between the two pillars, (our third temple), that we can regain our power and strength to overcome the dark thoughts, emotions and beliefs of the egoic lower mind to regain our personal empowerment through the spiritual power of higher consciousness.

JC gave me as confirmation the Strong’s numbers 72 at the beginning which means leading, guiding and. teaching and then later regarding the lesson about Samson, he gave me 662 - 'to be very bold'.

The lesson today was about how we as humans drop down to a lower state of consciousness when we perceive that we have done wrong in God's eyes, but this is not the truth as everything is forgiven. We are the only ones that can destroy ourselves with our own distorted disempowered beliefs. By returning to meditation and reaching the consciousness of the Christ Light, or in other words, in the presence of Christ, we crush those disempowered beliefs that we are no longer strong enough or that we are disconnected from God and our strength returns.

This is really interesting because yesterday I came across a blog depicting an interpretation of how Moses' discussion with God would have gone and it followed a similar theme, that Moses felt he was not good enough in God's eyes.

I was also reminded today that in judging others, we ourselves become harshly judged, hence the removal of Samson's eyes at the end of the story represents loss of spiritual insight (higher consciousness perspective) and being brought down to fleshly, lower man consciousness because he believed that he had failed and was not good enough. He judged others to be unworthy but his life experience exposed his own unworthiness.

This story/wound is stored on many people’s DNA and presents itself as a subconscious behaviour of harshly berating others or ourselves due to dissapointment, betrayal or being let down by others and life. The tuth is that is only a notion that is rooted in a limiting subconscious belief and can be removed by the knowing that everything is belief and everything is a programmed story. We can choose to trust life, each other, ourselves and God, knowing that all is One.


I found this article which is interesting and resonates with the message from JC today.

"many people have reached high states of consciousness only to fall back into the world and loose themselves & this is an allegory for that."

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