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Who is Sally Sephira?

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Sally Sephira is a soul alignment coach and ascension guide here in this time of chaos, cataclysms and confusion to help awakening and ascending souls, clear, heal and activate their Lightbody so they can find TRUTH within them and Return to Oneness.

‘11:11 Power of One’ was created after Sally experienced a spontaneous Spiritual Awakening experience in 2016 which expanded Sally’s consciousness to higher dimensional experiences and knowledge. Since before 2012, the 11:11 phenomenon has awoken many people to their soul’s truth. At the same time, Sally also experienced a Twin Flame and Kundalini Awakening and witnessed her energy body come alive and rewire itself to help anchor the Christos-Sophia codes into the New Earth multidimensional 5D – 12D grid. Sally is in alignment with Source through the Holy Spirit and works with the Celestial guidance of Christ Yeshua and the I AM presence of Light and Sound.

Sally's bridges consciousness between earthly and heavenly bodies. She helps souls shift out of the old paradigm of fear and separation, into one of love and unity. Her primary purpose is to be a ‘sensory switch’ for others and to assist in their healing and activation of dormant DNA so that they can also come into union by receiving the empowerment and freedom codes.

Sally had always been a master manifestor. Having relocated 17 times in 30 years she worked as a Registered Nurse, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Swimming Coach, Baby Swimming Teacher, Empowerment Coach and even a Health Promotion Research Nurse and Project Manager for the Military. Most recently, Sally has worked as a Telephone Triage Nurse as well as an Empowerment Coach and Soul Alignment Coach. Sally has contributed to giving back by creating business based and voluntary services to  bring together communities of different cultures and nationalities.

Having experienced many rabbit holes and shifts during her own spiritual awakening and ascension path, Sally is a lighthouse for anyone needing guidance and support with their transformation process. She uses her direct connection to the 12D Universal Holy Spirit to channel messages of love and healing for others but also passes on the access codes so that others can find the key within to unlock the truth within them. Christ Yeshua said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within each one of us and Sally believes that it is our responsibility to uncover it and unlock the jewels that we have kept hidden for so long so that we raise up the world with love, light and truth.

Oneness is about coming into union with the synchronistic flow in our lives and moving forwards without fear or resistance. It is about realising that we are the co-creator of our experience and learning to take the lead in our own life in a relaxed and authentic way to share our gifts and services with others.

Sally is currently manifesting an off-grid community of conscious lovers, dreamers and builders who work together to bring love, healing, harmony and health to many souls. Sally’s goal is to create a thriving Christos-Sophia Consciousness Community of high vibrational loving souls and to share these healing and activation codes with every soul who wishes to ascend into the infinite wonders of multi-dimensional life.

Sally says;
"We are living in a time of great opportunity where the forces of light overcome the forces of darkness and do a quantum timeline jump into the New Earth timeline. What a time to be alive for those boarding the rainbow arc of love.

In Oneness,
Love, Light and Truth is All".

Master Empowerment Coaching Certificate:

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