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Conversations With Christ

SJ144 is a journal of the conversations between Sally Sephira and the higher realms after she was contacted by the 'Forces of Light' in 2017. It attests to her awakening, transformation and ascension experiences, it documents some of her revelations and testifies to the wonders and miracles of the Infinite intelligence known universally as 'The Creator'.

During deep meditation and connection to the higher realms of this universal matrix, Sally found out that many souls on earth at this time have what is known as a 'Twin Flame' and are part of the Blue, Gold and Magenta Ray Guardian Founder Flames of the Emerald Order. In Hopi Prophecy these returned souls are known as the 'Rainbow Warriors' and are from every religion and culture. `As prophecied in many spiritual texts from around the world, the 144k are being activated to assist humanity at this time in the restoration of their DNA (soul imprint). Currently, humans are using only 2 strands, believing that 97% of their DNA is  'junk DNA'. Sally has been shown that the DNA blueprint is the God Code and when humans restore their DNA, they restore their supernatural powers and their connection with the One Infinite Creator. 


Some of the SJ144 journal entries are public, including research, spiritual experiences and Conversations with Christ to share the message with all people at this time of the 'shifting of the ages'. Sally's main guide is 'JC', or the Christ Jesus/Yeshua but she also has connected with the Father Creator Consciousness of the old era known as YHWH, also Archangel Michael, Moses, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and holds the energy of the Magdelene Rose. She now channels the I AM presence of Living Light and Unity Consciousness of the Christ/Kryst/Krystallah/Christos-Sophia.

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What Should We Do In These Times?

During meditation, Sally was surprised to receive a forehead seal a 'sainting' and the full armour of God in vision space (clear vision of the higher dimensions). She went on to experience a sacred marriage with Christ Yeshua and her Twin Flame, then was given the Ankh Cross (which represents immortality), a scarab beetle (which represents purification and cleansing rites),  two books, a scroll, many amulets, jewels, and even a sheep and a clock! This and many other symbols and experiences led to her quest for the absolute Truth of these times. Sally is here to share the WAY so that many will be activated by the Christ Light within them and be upgraded into their own light-body system so that they can also ascend out of the old earth timeline (3D fear matrix) to the New Earth (5D - 15D Love Matrix). The truth of eternal life in Christ is knowing and trusting your own higher guidance which leads you to a life of love in Union with the One. Atonement means to be At One with the Breath Of Life; the Infinite Mind, the Creator, Protector and Destroyer (of evil) within us.

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Prophecy of
What is To Come

Transhumanism Dec 2019

Christ Protects from War Aug 2019

The Solar Flash Event Oct 2020

Uprising  May 2020

Bringing Heaven To Earth Dec 2018

The Solar Flash Event Jan 2021

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