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How The Steam of Spirit Creates Milk and Honey. 9th Dec 2021

Jesus, when you say you are coming, do you mean that you lift people with your spirit so that each one of us needs to save ourselves with the Christ within us? I am feeling like I have been left behind Jesus because I didn’t do what you asked me to do, I feel like I’ve been overloaded with information with no idea how to share it all, can you help me please? You feel so distant, the heart thumps are weak and you played me the song ’drifting away’ how am I supposed to get back to where I was when I was creating all of those syncs and magic, please help me.

(Meditated and spoke with JC)

Thanks for that vision of the Bee and telling me that we have to work to create from the seed within us. I understand it now, what you mean about the promised land, the land of milk and honey is what we create. The creation comes about through the process of Holy Fire to burn away the darkness, Healing water to grow the seed into a tall tree and together they act as steam to drive us forward like the steam train which links perfectly with my lesson two days ago. Thank you JC, please can you make is so that I can spend more time bringing your truths to the world as I realise that I am here as a conduit to expand consciousness so that we can all can understand the divine truths of the manual to life and put them into practise, please help me develop a hub of learning and guidance for others who are seeking to leave the ‘system’ and expand the seed within them in this time of transition to the promised land.

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