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Let The Spirit Lead. 7th Dec 2021

SJ: Hello Jesus are you there? I feel like I have developed ADHD JC, I just find it a challenge to focus on writing these books can you help me please? Also I feel as if my lamp is going out, I used to have so many visions and dreams and information coming in but now I feel like I have been left alone. Actually I have not been seeking because I need to get this website and app developed and get all this info published, so I find it difficult to be in the higher realms and try to think in a linear fashion. Any advice JC?

JC: My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. You must go back over the information I have given you and understand it, I suggest you follow the path of least resistance and do that for it is better to slide gently than to stand at the cliff edge hesitating.

SJ: So how does that look?

JC: Seek me in the quiet place and I will show you all that is to come but I do not show you this for you to be fearful but instead so that you can prepare and prepare others. I come to you so that you can share word of my coming to many so that they will not weep and mourn but celebrate the coming light on the world. Press into me and you will find your shelter, I will lift you from the storm and take you to still waters.

SJ: I am in still waters JC, I just want to know how I can get over this hump of having so much to do, I know what I want and where I want to be so how can you help me get there?

JC: Allow me to lead and I will take you there, just sit back into my love and be creative, allow me to lead at all times.

SJ: Do you want me to read anything today?

JC: Yes of course, everyday you must seek to understand the truths of the Lord your God, I am within you, you know my mind and you know my heart, you also require the stories because they are the foundation and when you have fully understood their meaning you too will be able to stand steadfast and strong in the Lord. It is not just about being a servant and complying with rules, it is about feeding your soul, I have explained this. The Word is nourishment for the soul sally, you must read it, so today I ask to read The two books of Timothy and Acts

SJ: That’s a lot, when am I going to get my work done?

JC: I will do your work for you

SJ: I’ve read these before

JC: Gather a deeper understanding of my word and how I work through people and you will understand the deeper truths of how you can let go and stop trying so hard. Allow me to take the strain, that’s what surrender means.

SJ: OK, I’ll read, thanks

JC: I love you sally, keep going. I’ll see you shortly.

Holy God Alive ! I have been yearning for my twin over the last couple of days which has not happened for a long time and today I had the urge to look him up and I found this.. notice 22 views and it lasts 12:22 <3

As I was about to write a message to him, for the second time today (the first time I stopped myself as I saw the wren chasing the blackbird outside instead of, as I saw yesterday, the male blackbird chasing a female blackbird (not a wren as I said in the video ).

I downloaded at that time that you have to step into your power and hold it for him to come to you, know yourself as the queen and feel it. Hold dominion over your life and think nothing of him for this is the only way to union.

Anyway, just as I finished watching the movie and about to write “Beautiful Light Codes Hun <3 You set my heart ablaze and made me lol at the end, thank you” I heard something outside … it sounded like a steam train !! It WAS a steam train.. it went on chug chug chugging for about a minute, the thing is.. I have lived here for 3 years and have NEVER heard a steam train before ! I know that this is a simulation hence have heard the ‘trumpets’ (spaceships) when I awoke in 2018, but wow ! I knew immediately that this was a sign. So just looked it up.. and sure enough.. check it out !!

“Fire and water, which produce steam, are both Biblical images for the Spirit of God. There is a deep spiritual truth that we must learn – that letting go of our need to control things is a prerequisite for spiritual growth, as we allow the Spirit to have reign over us. It is Spirit that powers our life, not our own strength. The Spirit flows through us like “rivers of living water” (John 7:38) and alights on us like “tongues of fire” (Acts 2:3). Although daily meditation practice takes discipline and commitment, at its heart meditation is an act of resting and waiting for the Spirit to empower our lives. It is the ultimate in “not doing it under your own steam!”

How about THAT for confirmation !!!!!!!

Facebook video

I was later led to watch this.. perhaps I ought to read the bible more.. I do have a breakthroughs when I do. hmmm

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