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Raptured Into Freedom. 9th Dec 2021

Jesus, you have just given me insight into the Rapture and the flight. I was listening to the video that I have just made " Protection For My Own" and meditating on atonement, I was thinking about how Christ came to crucify our darkness and guide us to live under the promise of his love and sacrifice which leds to ressurection, but JC, what I realise is that it is only IN the ressurection that we find the promised land.

You were explaining to me today that the promised land, known as 'the land of milk and honey', this is the what represents what is created by the cow and the bee. Or, putting it another way, if we are using the metaphor of fruits, then this is what we create once the seed within us has been planted, fed, watered and protected so that we can grow into a tall tree.

You explained to me that the holy fire comes to burn off the darkness, the sins that lead to doubt and shame and all those lower emotions that are attached to the distortions of our lower consiousness. You came to make us whole again, teach us who we are in you and to ressurect us into our 'garment of light', or body of light known as the lightbody. You explained that you do that using the healing waters and that it is these healing waters that we recieve from being in your loving presence which puts out the fire yet also make the steam and it is this steam that propels us forward, like the steam train. You are a great teacher JC.

So in summary what I understand through this, is that there will be those going through the holy fire of job loss and economic collapse and they will be humbled to seek you (as you called yourself the fire engine) to put out that fire. If people continue to seek your bliss and light in meditation you will lead them to still waters and a place of peace where they feel that they can create and bring their own soul purpose and soul mission to the world.

This process is known as ascension becasue we are literally lifted by your love and presence of peace and through syncronicity as more and more darkness is washed out of our body system. You warn that it will be terrible for us if we are lifted during winter or on the Sabbath, you expalined to me that this was because both of those periods are times of rest and fall back and you warned that the period of lifting is no time to rest and fall back, but a time to recieve your love and step into the world with passion and be led by the spirit. The blessing you give, brings us many opportunities through synchronicity so that we can express the seed within us and expand our light of creativity so that we can find purposeful work in the world allowing us to detach from the system which has been taken over by the Luciferian agenda.

You are asking your people to come out of the world and work for you, that is, to express the Christ or love within them and share their enthusiam with the world. I thank you for those revelations and I ask that you please bless me and anyone reading this to do just that. I ask that you guide us and protect us in creating and bringing our light into the world by way of useful work so that we no longer have to rely on being employed by a large company. You said that many business' will fail at this time, that all systems will fall apart and be rebuilt based on Christ system and this is the way that we can look after ourselves under your wings as we go through these troubling times of transition.

It is my understanding tht anyone who is not awake or aware of the times will get caught up in the Luciferian system of false peace where they will be merged by stealth into an artificial intelligent net and become prt of a 'one mind' in a forced peace social credit system such as they have in China. Persecution will be coming to those who attempt to avoid this system, but you are asking us to ride above the thermals, get creative so that we may live in a rapturous state and avoid the world chaos by paving our own way to freedom and supporting ourselves by living off the grid and being self sustaining. You say that any that stay to the end will be changed and I understand this to mean the 'event' such as a solar flash, that will lift the world into a higher dimension and reset the grid through a technological reset. A bit like switching our simulated hologram off and back on again perhaps.

We know that we are safe in you and therefore we do not fear but press in to your love at all time. I shall continue to pray without ceasing, please forgive the world of our transgressions against the earth and its living beings on it.

Thank you for this widom Yeshua, I pray that you can help many to a place of peace and freedom at this time.

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