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12 Steps To Oneness COURSE

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Ascend the 12 levels; 11:11 to Zero Point

Are you a Spiritual Seeker or Truth Warrior? Do you want to know more about consciousness, the spiritual dimensions and the shift of the ages? Do you want to know how to hear and receive visions from the light to become At One, in Oneness or 'Zero Point'? To receive mystery school information info to help ascending souls Return To Oneness. By coming on this course, you will: - Find out which dimension you are currently experiencing - Learn how to experience synchronicity and divine miracles - Discover how to hear, see and feel into the spiritual realms with full protection - Learn how the Pure Spirit of Oneness relates to world religions and ancient history - Gain perfect clarity about how man fell from Oneness and how to Return - Find out how the map relates to the times of the Bible, the Sumerians and ancient Egypt - Explore how the gods of previous ages have affected the consciousness of mankind - Find out what is happening now and what is to come related to the shift of the age - Fully understand how revelations of this time lead to Oneness - Find out more about ascension keys, codes, downloads and how to channel messages - Learn how to navigate the Ascension Map to Return to Oneness at any time … and more...

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