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💠 Weekly LIVE Oneness Meditation


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Weekly Oneness LIVE Meditation

We Meet Every Tuesday at 9pm GMT on Zoom
To Take Part On The Next Call Please Book 



Return To Oneness through meditation yoga, clearing away the past and using your imagination to manifest your New Life.


Moving with the divine flow of light and sound, feel into the river of life within for a colourful pictorial vision of the new YOU on the other side of this rainbow wave shift.


Imagination is Image-In-Action, so receive this activation for your inner vision now and jump into the waters of your true soul. 


Think it to create it, feel it to act it, express it to become it. In the I AM Presence, the time is NOW! 

💠 Week One - Taster Session
Find a comfortable place, gather cushions, a blanket and a glass of water, rest back and enjoy the light codes uplifting and recoding your DNA.


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