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Meditate on Oneness.

Relax and apply earphones

Sit with Christ and come back to the PEACE of the One.


“Hello we are working on your body system now. Thank you for coming in, it is your responsibility to tune in to the Christ vibration frequency, this is the source of all life, we can only meet you're here. Many people call out to us in fear and sorrow and longing, we simply cannot help because they are too dense. When you come to us and meet us here at this place we are able to serve you, we are able to protect you, we can give you healing. This is the place of light, you can feel it surging through your body. You only find this place in deep meditation, it is the opening of the flower within you, the life force within you spilling out into your body system. You can harmonise here, the more you come here, the more we can do for you...

Birthing The Cosmic Egg

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