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Christ's Message

Mp4, Mp3, PDF Transcript

🌈 Recorded LIVE, 3rd July 2021 and 22nd Aug 2021


Meditate on healing the split within our energetic lightbody.

Relax and receive this healing and upgrade wearing earphones.

Sit with Christ and receive the teachings about why it is so important to love others as ourselves.


Christ speaks about the nature of the ascension process in healing our soul (DNA). When we meditate and allow our bodies to be filled with light, the darkness within us comes up for us to see very clearly through people, circumstances and situations around us. In this way, we see ourselves through the eyes of the mirror. We see how we are showing up in the world and this gives us an opportunity to upgrade our thoughts, words, feelings and actions to be the best version of ourselves in Christ. Christ is within us and Christ is in everything and everyone, so when we look at ourselves and the world through heaven’s eyes, we heal that which is within and without. This method of teaching through the matrix of the world that is reflected to us, shows us how to Love God with everything that we are and to love others as ourselves.


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