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Tree of Life Light Activated Meditation

There is so much knowledge to be sourced from nature, I suggest spending time in nature this week, taking plenty of time to relax and reset and do listen to this grounding meditation that I was nudged by spirit to create and share live on FB. I made it for my friends whilst in the woods but added backing music and video and made it into a meditation. I hope that you enjoy it, it is short and can be listened to whenever you feel overloaded.


When we allow the process, we see all the wonderful ways that spirit works through us to bring out our gifts to share with the world. This meditation is an example of the work of the spirit, there was no intention to make a video or a meditation, it was just the result of a walk in the woods and listening to the nudges of my soul.


Everyone can find their inner guiding light to expand their gifts of service to the world and I know that spirit will work through you in the same way. We are moving away from the hard work of being a slave to the system and going into a brand new earth of love, peace, joy and creativity. Relax and know that you can lie back and allow the transformation to take place within.


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