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Are You On A Quest For The Truth Within You And Within The World?

Do You Feel The Call Of Spirit But Are Confused About Where It Leads?

Do You Want To Tap Into Divine Guidance And Learn To THRIVE Like The Tree Of LIFE?

Listen in to the messages that I gave LIVE on Facebook in 2021 regarding what is going on in our world according to the divine messages that I have received since 2016. I share  how you can create your own tree of life to prepare for the times ahead so that you will be filled with the living waters an oil of joy, courage and gladness. I am not religious and do not follow doctrine or dogma, I do experience the Christed realms and have found them full of spiritual masters of multi faith and unity consciousness.

Friend, join me for a intimate chat, sometimes serious, sometimes fun and even a bit of singing thrown in. Love is for all not just 'chosen' people, all are welcome so relax, get a hot drink and sit back and find out the message I was given from the higher realms in 2018.


Incredible photo taken in Lago de Camecuaro Zamora. Mexico by @pepe_soho